Cinefeast is coming… Feed Your Beast!


cinefeastCinema has changed my life,  literally.

Films have taken me to far off places, and scared me enough to sleep with the lamp on. They have been my best friend when I had none, and made me laugh when I wanted to cry. My twisted sister, Nix Muse, managed to explain it perfectly: “Cinema nourishes your mind and soul,” and when you think about it, it really really does. I’m sure it’s a story you’ve heard before, or maybe even experienced yourself, but I can honestly say that my love of film has given me so many things and often helped to keep those nasty daily “beasts” at bay. Movies have taught me lessons and helped to build some of my strongest most valued friendships.

I’ve managed to surround myself with wonderful human beings; creative, smart, funny, loving people. These people are incredible specimens! They blow me away with their talents and motivation, and they humble me with their personal life experiences. So many of my friends and acquaintances have found the strength to battle their beasts in the same way I have; as the credits roll. In an attempt to make 2016 a year of positive progress, I’ve decided to share my love for the goofy movies that have shaped me, and show appreciation to a bunch of rad assholes (that includes you, whoever you are) in the best way I know how: Good company, good food, good conversation and good movies.

With all that being said, I’d like to introduce a weird amalgamation of interests here at called Cinefeast: A frequent post chronicling either an evening of guest selected films paired with thematic foods and various topics of conversation OR a Solo Cinefeast on off weeks where I don’t have a guest selected lineup to pull pairing inspiration from. Instead, I’ll pick a single slice of silver screen inspiration. To be clear, I’m not a culinary master…yet. Usually I find inspiration from other recipes (for which there will be appropriate acknowledgement), and sometimes I come up with recipes on my own. A Cinefeast could range from a snack or baked treat to a full three course meal if the films in question can manage to spark enough inspiration. To cite a simple example, I might pair Edward Scissorhands with star-shaped sugar cookies, ambrosia salad, and a discussion about how hard it can be to feel like you are completely different from those around you. Per post, you’ll find recipes, photos, and an interesting discussion to inspire a food-film night of your own!

That’s pretty much it… Stay tuned, Cinefeast is coming.




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